Competitive Boxing

Learn to box at a competitive level developing your boxing technique and skills to condition your body for Amateur Boxing.

Appreciate the sweet science of today's boxer where you must punch, slip and block with split second movements and reactions. Enhance your skills through various drills to develop your technique, speed, power, defence, ring craft to become a successful boxer. Improve your strength and conditioning by training with intensity and get the relevant nutrition and supplementation information to reach your peak.

You don't need any previous experience to join and it's never too late to start. Be warned that it takes time to learn the sweet science. Boxing is not a sport that can be learned overnight, however, you will be coached by some of Australia's leading Boxing trainers with up to 15 years of industry experience.

Our style of training is Olympic style amateur boxing and we are associated with the Victorian Amateur Boxing Association and the Australian Sports Commission.

The level of training you will begin with will depend on how much prior experience you have in Boxing and you will progress to higher levels accordingly.

Our training is designed in progression; Boxers will start with developing basic boxing skills and technique and will progress to sparring, gym spars and finally competing in amateur boxing bouts when you are ready to compete.


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