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Pro-Fit Boxing is a boxing gym located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, established in 2008. Our purpose is to provide the quickest, easiest and cost effective way to reach your health and fitness goals. Pro-Fit Boxing® has close contacts with the local community, schools, businesses and sporting clubs, helping to promote health, fitness and wellbeing throughout the local area. Together by using REAL BOXING TRAINING, innovation and fun, we can balance body, mind and soul or train to a competitive level.

Our philosophy is to help achieve optimal fitness goals by individually tailoring programs to ensure success. Through everyday functionality, nutrition, education and motivation, coupled with multifaceted and energising REAL BOXING WORKOUTS, we can provide all the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle and the tools to live a long and physically fit life.

Pro-Fit Boxing® training is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. You must however be prepared for a mentally tough session. The training is tough, effective and will get you the results you are reaching for.

All our programs utilise correct technique, enforced by incorporating the heavy bag, floor to ceiling, speedball, focus pads, skipping rope, medicine ball, strength and conditioning exercise, shadow boxing and agility courses.

Practicing the fundamentals of boxing you will achieve a full body workout whilst gaining invaluable self-defence skills and exposing your mind to a positive learning experiences. Please refer to our current timetable for session times and availability.



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